Creatures of Creativity

On brain function and write-life balance


Welcome one and all to the inner workings of this writer’s mind.  Warning- it’s pretty weird in here.

Writing is both a pleasure and a pain. Ideas and inspiration can be found almost anywhere if one looks closely enough.  Until it’s time to write… then the slimy little fiends scamper and slither away to the darkness.  Or they don’t,  and my fingers frantically try to keep up with the high-speed progression of this that race through my skull.  Invariably,  the fingers lose.  This is the pain part.

The pleasure lies in the initial rush of an idea,  of finding a solution to a story problem or creative block.  And after hours of fat-finger misspellings,  of trains of thought derailing,  of putting out mental plates full of treats to entice those pesky creative creatures back to play with me, of finally getting the story complete. (Editing is more of a pain,  but I wont go into that).

I wonder at times if it’s possible to switch the creative parts on and off,  as they don’t tend to work when I want them to.  An example: I was enjoying a meal with friends recently,  when I suddenly received inspiration for a story. Not only could I not jot it down at the time, I’ve already got several pieces on the go (for years so far, in the case of me next Fallen Angel novel), and I don’t need to add another one. But it’s sitting there, occasionally scratching at the doors of my mind, begging to be let out.

This is where write-life balance becomes a challenge.  I have a busy life anyway with a ‘proper’ (read: stable and consistent income) job and family life.  Every hour I spend writing is an hour I have to steal from somewhere else.  Every hour I spend with my family is an hour that my ides are clawing,  calling,  whispering sweetly to me to write,  to write,  to write.

And tonight,  when I actually had the opportunity to sit at the keyboard and see what Cassiel is up to next,  I wrote this blog post.

Oh, well.