Read about it in The Star, then come along to the Dunedin Library on Tuesday 7 May

Don’t forget to come along to the Fantasy Author Panel at the Dunedin City Library at 5:30pm on Wednesday 7 May. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear some local fantasy and science fiction authors reading from their favourite work and answering questions from the audience. Continue reading Read about it in The Star, then come along to the Dunedin Library on Tuesday 7 May

A Trio of Stories

Over the last week or so, I have had three short stories – all of them horror – come out in a variety of online magazines. That was more a case of coincidence than anything else: the stories had been accepted over the summer months, and the magazines themselves had scheduled the release for the end of March/start of April. After writing Wise Phuul, I have spent a fair amount of time on short stories, not because writing them is particularly lucrative (it isn’t), but because I have found it a good way to improve your writing with comparatively little … Continue reading A Trio of Stories

3 Awesome Tips to Help Writers

I get it, books are expensive. As much as you want to buy books, there’s bills to pay, kids to be feed, and you’d really like a pair of sneakers without holes so you can walk your dog through puddles without having squelchy socks afterwards – or is that just me? So you might have found yourself asking:  How can I support local authors for free?  Good news, there is a number of easy ways that you can help your favourite local authors without spending cold hard cash. Here’s my Favourite Ways to Support Local Writers for FREE  Number 1: … Continue reading 3 Awesome Tips to Help Writers